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Every business has its own needs when it comes to communication and deciding on a VoIP system that is right for your business is not always straight forward. In the simplest form a VoIP system for a small business would simply be moving from a traditional landline network to an IP telephony system in order to save money. However on a larger scale a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) network integrated with VoIP technology would be more suitable for a big corporate company with many remote offices.

PBX VoIP phone systems create an all in one phone system that privately connects remote business locations together into a single private VoIP network. Traditional PBX systems were introduced to bring freedom and save the business money so that they did not have to route all calls through third party telephone carriers.

VoIP PBX systems for business are even more powerful than the traditional PSTN PBX system. There is no need for a receptionist to route calls to the correct location as a VoIP system can reroute all calls to different offices, cell phones and other locations. Other features include call waiting, caller identification, three way calling, conference calling, and more.

VoIP PBX systems in themselves are far more cost efficient for businesses and have a much lower cost of entry. All large businesses should consider switching to a VoIP PBX system as the cost saving can be dramatic not to mention the additional features that a VoIP system has to offer.

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