VoIP Business Services and Service Providers

When thinking of VoIP service provider’s two names that spring to mind are Vonage and Skype. However these two services are targeted at the residential market and when looking for a VoIP service suitable for a large business, especially when you begin considering VoIP PBX systems then neither Vonage nor Skype have the technology or capacity to serve your business.

Vonage do run business packages aimed for the small business and in these instances their VoIP services are satisfactory allowing the small business to save money by routing their calls through the internet. However the Vonage VoIP business service is run through a single line and does not provide the features that a larger business may need such as call transfers, multiple extensions, administrative functions and the other more advanced features of a larger VoIP PBX system.

If you are looking for a VoIP service providor for your large business then their are a huge number of VoIP service providers available. Here is an extensive list broken down by country that can be found at VoIP Info’s List of Business VoIP Service Providers. As you can see the list is very extensive and the services that each company offer can vary considerably.

Standard VoIP Business Services include the ability to keep the current phone numbers for your company, being able to continue to use your existing phone handsets, unlimited local and long distance calling including in fees, cheap international rates, and a hosted PBX system with a web portal. For larger business switching to a VoIP service provider results in up to an 80% saving in telephone communication costs within the business.

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